Major international organizations

Discover which are the most relevant international organizations; because they are institutions that act as mediators to achieve peace and security among the nations that make up the world, in addition to providing their cooperation in agreements and treaties that promote their development with a view to achieving a better life for citizens.

What are international organizations?

They are those created as political entities that have powers to make decisions in an international environment, going beyond the limits of each nation and in charge of members of sovereign States or intergovernmental organizations.
In other words, it is a group or association whose competence is worldwide, with a permanent organic structure.

According to authors such as Manuel Velazco, international organizations are: “voluntary associations created through agreements between different states in order to manage certain collective interests”

Within what should be noted that an organization can be seen as an entity or institution of a defined type, which in turn is made up of sectors, areas or offices; while the term international is used to indicate its range of action, as is the fact that it implies a multiplicity of countries.

Relevant international organizations

International organizations have been created for a particular purpose, whether they seek to help a nation’s economy, promote its health, or mediate social conflicts.

They are governed by agreements and treaties, they have their own principles and laws; but always respecting the regulations inherent to each country; its general objective is:

  •  Promote economic growth
  •  Support the proper functioning of the regions
  •  Maintain good relations, as well as alliances with other countries
  •  Increase foreign investment

Some of the international organizations that directly affect the decisions taken at the global level in favor of development, growth and maintenance of peace among nations are the following:

  •  FAO. World Food and Agriculture Organization IMF.
  •  International Monetary Fund World Bank Council of Europe ILO.
  •  International Labor Organization WHO.
  •  World Health Organization UNWTO.
  •  UN World Tourism Organization.
  •  Organization of the United Nations OSCE.
  •  Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe NATO.
  •  North Atlantic Treaty Organization OECD.
  •  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  •  Other United Nations agencies UNDP.
  •  United Nations Development Program UNEP.
  •  United Nations Environment Program UNESCO.
  •  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNICEF.
  •  United Nations Children’s Fund UN Women.
  •  UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

There are also other international organizations involved in promoting peace and helping the survivors of the Second World War in Europe, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, identified by the acronym UNHCR; responsible for safeguarding the well-being and defending the rights of those who have fled their country due to political conflicts.

On the other hand, there is also the International Organization for Migration (IOM) whose mission is to efficiently manage the control of the entry of citizens between different nations, to encourage their social and economic development.

One of the most outstanding international organizations in the world is the UN, to which many other institutions are linked, especially in matters of health, food, culture, economy, development and more; therefore, it works in collaboration with them in order to achieve important benefits for all nations.

The activities carried out within the FAO, UNESCO, WHO, WTO, IDB, OECD and ECLAC have been linked to the UN.
All international organizations are regulated in their action by the secretaries of each State.

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