Code of Conduct regarding Security Council action against genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes

In August, members of the Accountability, Coherence & Transparency (ACT) Group presented a code of conduct to UN member states regarding voting in the Council on actions against genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. The Code calls on all states who currently or may in the future serve as members of the Security Council to support “timely and decisive” action by the Council to end or prevent crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide. In particular, states who subscribe to the Code pledge not to vote against “a credible draft resolution” before the Council to that end.

The Code is presented alongside the so-called French Initiative aimed at getting the Permanent Members of the Security Council to commit to refraining from the use of their veto power in situations of mass atrocities. Led by Liechtenstein, as chair of the sub-group on accountability and the use of the veto, members of the ACT Group have invited all UN member states to sign on to the Code, as the Council’s effective response to situations of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide is not just a matter for the Permanent members, but should be supported by all Council members.

The Code is currently supported by 25 members of the ACT Group, along with Belize, the Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine. All member states are invited to endorse the Code, and Liechtenstein, with other ACT members, is planning a formal event on the matter, to be held in October in connection with the 70th Anniversary of the UN.

English, French and Spanish versions of the Code of Conduct are attached. 

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